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We sell computer networking equipment and accessories from routers to internet cables to power adapters.  We have been an AuctionBlox customer for several years and have been able to customize our shopping cart to meet the dynamic demands of our business. The ability to leverage the benefits of osCommerce, an open source shopping cart, and easily integrate the AuctionBlox eMarketConnect module has allowed us to respond to the changing needs of our growing business.


Craig Haynie, Founder and CEO, contacted AuctionBlox with a need to customize his osCommerce open source shopping cart to fit the specific needs of his business. Specifically, Craig wanted to optimize his business processes through the development of:
  1. An auto-lister that makes sure everything on his store stays listed constantly on eBay.
  2. Tuning the auto-lister to list items as either fixed price or eBay store listings based on sales history.
  3. Tuning the auto-lister to list intelligently based on eBay listing fee tiers.
  4. Creating custom macros to accurately display dynamic product information


AuctionBlox assessed the new features needed to improve the profitability of the eBay channel for his business. This need was not easily solved by existing shopping carts and standard eBay capabilities, therefore, his open source shopping cart selection and partnership with AuctionBlox allowed him to optimize his business in ways that clearly impact the bottom line of his business.


AuctionBlox created a custom solution that delivered the needed functionality for Craig's business and the selection of attaching the AuctionBlox eMarketConnect module to popluar Open Source shopping carts facilitates the flexibility of sellers to create the perfect solution instead of being locked into a static set of featuresoffered by alternatives. 


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