Let's face it: Manually processing sales on Internet marketplaces such as eBay is time-consuming. You have to send emails to customers, remind them to pay if payment isn't received promptly, generate invoices and receipts, and ship products. And don't forget about post-sale activities such as sending tracking numbers, responding to customer inquiries and leaving feedback.

AuctionBlox automates all of these tasks. By connecting your store with eBay, AuctionBlox allows you to list your products on eBay and to process checkout in your own store.

With AuctionBlox, you can:

  • List your store items on eBay and Amazon.com via your storefront administration screens.
  • Schedule listings for future times and dates on eBay eliminating eBay scheduling fees.
  • Automate the relisting of items on eBay 
  • List new items immediately after the closing of a prior listing.
  • Process eBay checkout through your own store.
  • Create email templates for easy customer communication.
  • Automatically leave eBay feedback based on rules that you define.

Imagine a world where the lengthiest part of the sales process is packing the item for delivery!

Saving time isn't the only benefit of using AuctionBlox. The software allows customers to view other items that you have for sale during checkout. This presents a great upselling opportunity. And by purchasing more items at once, your customers can save on shipping charges.




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