Frequently Asked Questions




Question: Can I list products in bulk to eBay?
Answer: Yes, our software makes it fast and easy to list 1 or 1000 items at a time.

Question: Can I use other tools like TurboLister and just use your checkout service?
Answer: Yes, with some minor customization, you may use any listing tool.  However, the AuctionBlox lister provides many benefits beyond existing listers, so there's no reason not to use it.  Please note that use of any external lister is only available with our Enterprise plans.


Question: How does checkout work with AuctionBlox?
Answer: AuctionBlox offers 2 methods of checkout:  eBay checkout and website checkout.  AuctionBlox checkout allows buyers to choose their preferred method of checkout.  A buyer may choose to pay directly on the eBay site using PayPal or a credit card, or a buyer may choose to checkout on a merchant's website and browser for other items.

Question: What are the benefits of AuctionBlox checkout?
Answer: Some of the benefits include up-selling of other products, ability to offer a customized checkout process, and future marketing to buyers that opt-in to your newsletters.

Question: Are buyers required to create an account during AuctionBlox checkout?
Answer: No, a buyer is automatically registered in your shopping cart during checkout using eBay checkout information including payment and shipping addresses.

Question: Is AuctionBlox checkout compatible with PayPal Immediate Payment?
Answer:  Yes


Question: If I sell a product in my shopping cart, will the quantity be adjusted on eBay?
Answer: Yes, under most circumstances.  eBay auctions that are ending within 12 hours may not be modified.  However, these listings can still be canceled if they go out of stock.

Question: Can I import my existing eBay listings into AuctionBlox?
Answer: Yes, you can import existing eBay listings into AuctionBlox and immediately get the benefits of inventory management and checkout.


Question: What shopping cart software do you support?
Answer: AuctionBlox supports compatibility with several leading shopping carts including:

  • CRE Loaded
  • oscommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Magento
Question: I have a modified shopping cart, will this be a problem connecting to AuctionBlox?
Answer: Our experience has been that most modifications do not interfere with the AuctionBlox service.  Our AuctionBlox 5.0 released in 2010 has a minimum footprint in the shopping cart software that minimizes the potential for problems.  If you have a heavily modified shopping cart, we recommend that you contact


Question: Do you offer a free trial for eMarketConnect?
Answer: As part of your paid registration, we offer free installation of eMarketConnect in your existing store.  This requires real time by real people, and we need to ensure that there is a level of commitment on your part as well.

Question: Do you require a term agreement in your subscription?
Answer: No.  Our subscription is monthly and you are not committed to a lengthy commitment.  We are confident that you will quickly realize the benefits of using the AuctionBlox services and do not need to lock you into a long subscription term.


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